Imaginary City: Cookiebot!

In Katie Van Camp's CookieBot!: A Harry and Horsie Adventure a not-so innocent attempt to sneak a cookie from the cookie jar unleashes the fearsome, gigantic, uncontrollable cookie-loving robot, CookieBot! With CookieBot out of control and heading toward the Empire Sweets Cafe, Harry's only hope is his best friend and soft, cuddly companion, Horsie. Will they save the city? Will they get a glass of milk? Read and find out!

The story does not reveal if Harry and Horsie's real life home is in the city, but that information is really not very important. Although there are nods to New York City, the city in CookieBot! is pure imagination. After all, any good futuristic science fiction tale with an over sized villain takes place in the city, right? Think Godzilla! Think... okay, I can't think of any more, but my point is that in our popular imagination, giant robots do not crash through the woods or the flower garden. They terrorize innocent urban populations who run down streets flanked by skyscrapers!

How can one not enjoy the ultra-cool modern retro style of Lincoln Agnew's illustrations? The restrained yet bold color palette in no way feels limiting, instead reminding one of awesome B movies, pop art and old school comic books. The city, though a result of a young boy's imagination, is rich with details like scrolled iron work, mish-mashed bricks and flashing light bulbs. The humorous text on the street signs and billboards adds further dimension to the story.

CookieBot!: A Harry and Horsie Adventure is so much fun. It's a great read aloud for parents like me who love to ham it up and great for kids like mine who are into mayhem. Enjoy!

Want More?
Read the first adventure, Harry and Horsie (in which we see, yes, Harry lives in the city).
Visit the author's website.
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This book reminded me of another retro-robot-in-the-city (I smell a new picture book genre in the making!) book I reviewed: Oh No!
Watch the trailer.
Big Kid says: Awesome! Little Kid says: Read it, again! Again!


Christy said...

We definitely have to check out this book!

mary kinser said...

So excited for this one! And thanks for the reminder about Harry and Horsie - I think my kiddo might be just about ready for that one now!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Sounds too good to miss - I wonder what my peace loving girl will think about it.

Blessy Mathew said...

I like the idea of a Cookiebot! Who doesn't love cookies? An interesting concept for young readers.

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