Snowy City: The Big Storm

Another book about a cat in the snow!

Rhea Tregebov's The Big Storm is set in 1930s Winnipeg (at least that is the city I came up with when I used Google Maps to track down the named streets and locations). Jeanette's family live above their delicatessen, where everyone has their job to fill and Kitty Doyle's is to be the best mouser on Selkirk Avenue. The family cat also walks Jeanette to and from school but one day, instead of meeting Kitty Doyle for the walk home, Jeanette runs off with her friend, Polly. Polly's mother makes the most delicious latkes and they are not to be missed. Unfortunately, a big storm has come and Jeanette realizes that she has left her best feline friend waiting in the snow. Not to worry, all turns out well: girl and cat are reunited.

This is a nice little book and a good choice if you like books about pets or cats. I had a hard time getting over a muddled plot point however: Jeanette tells Kitty Doyle not to wait for her after school because of the snow, but suddenly she thinks otherwise? It bugged me, but my kids did not notice at all. I have a bit of a weakness, however, for snow covered cityscapes and Maryann Kovalski's illustrations provide plenty of those, along with some delightful cloche hats.

This book has been out of print for some time, but if you're lucky, your library might just have a copy. Read it with your cat, purring on your lap.

Want More?
Visit the author's website.
Visit the illustrator's website (she also illustrated Rivka's First Thanksgiving, which I reviewed here).

Big Kid says: We really need some snow.
Little Kid says: Cat book! Cat book!


MaryAnne said...

Very impressed you used Google Maps to figure out the town =)

Raising a Happy Child said...

I am lobbying my husband to get a cat, but so far no luck, since we cannot agree on the bathroom place. I wonder where apartment cats go when they need to go?

Ali said...

A new book to me. One to add to my (long) list for my long-planned trip to Canada!

Heather Kelly said...

Nice, honest review. Thanks for pointing out this book!

Beth Stilborn said...

Since I lived in Winnipeg for 3 years in the 1980s (and my mother was born there), I'm always interested to learn of a book that is set there. I've discovered that although our city library system doesn't have a copy, other libraries in the province do, so thanks to the province-wide easy inter-library load system, I'll soon be reading this! Thank you (and I'll watch for the plot confusion.)

JenFW said...

The plot point would bug me, too. It's interesting to hear that your kids didn't even notice it. I'm always curious how kids respond to books--what matters to them and what doesn't.

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