Huggy City: Loopy

I love it when I find books for this blog purely by accident.

Aurore Jesset's Loopy is a Swiss import (How many other Swiss picture books do you know? Oh, look! I've reviewed one!) about a girl who has left her favorite toy bunny at the doctor's office. After I read this book I felt sure that someone must have already made the connection with Knuffle Bunny (Oh, look! Someone has!), but here the protagonist's mommy has refused to make a midnight run to retrieve the toy. (The Swiss are obviously more sensible than we are.) Consequently, the young girl imagines all sorts of worrisome adventures Loopy must be having -- ghosts in the doctor's office!, bunny-eating garbage trucks! -- and how she might save the toy. Not to worry, though, her bunny is returned to her by someone who knows how important just the right huggy is at bedtime.

I really enjoyed Loopy, as did my 2 year old. At first I thought it might be too scary for him, but the child's narrative voice is direct, simple and honest, and Barbara Korthues' illustrations are so interesting, with their toy cars and kids flying around in paper airplanes, that he found the book much more fascinating, than frightening. Unlike Knuffle Bunny, we never see the adults, despite their influence on the action of the book. This is the girl's story and their are no red-headed bleary-eyed parents to steal the show.

We first see the nighttime city out the bedroom window, with it's black buildings dotted with yellow-lit windows, but as our heroine imagines the worst the row of buildings turn into a crocodile -- mirroring her imagination of how dangerous the world must be for a lost, alone stuffed blue bunny. At street level, however, the buildings take on a more colorful palette and are more benign, though still an appropriate backdrop for the girl's fears.

Don't be put off by the idea that Loopy might be scary, it has a joyous ending and is a book worth checking out.

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Little Kid says: She got her huggy back. [note: we call bedtime friends "huggies"]


MaryAnne said...

The cover photo is darling.

I found a super-cute French book this week about a little tyrannosaurus who has to learn how to not eat his friends. I can't find it in English, but I may end up blogging about it anyway for the incredibly small percentage of my readers who speak French, because it is incredibly cute - in spite of the scary theme of eating friends.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I love European imports :) Sounds like a great book!

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