Exhibition City: Visual Narrative

Thanksgiving is over. It must be time to start reviewing books about the winter holidays.

While you are patiently waiting for me to do that, you might like to check out this wonderful exhibit at the Central Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library: Visual Narrative: Drawings, books and printed object by Paul Hoppe. There is only one week left, so I guess I should have told you about it earlier.

But just in case... children's book and graphic book author and illustrator, Paul Hoppe, has contributed some terrific art work to the exhibit, most of which is city-themed. (I'm embarrassed to say that I took this photo just before I saw the "No flash photography" sign. Sorry!)  My favorite illustration was of a snowplow on a city rooftop, but Big Kid loved the overhead electric train soaring above the city (which you can see here).

Even if you can't make it to the exhibit, check out the web page for a small glimpse and description.

Want More?
Visit Paul Hoppe's website.

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Jim Randolph said...

Wow, thanks for that!

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