Carousel City: Feivel's Flying Horses

Since last week's selections all contained an immigration theme, I thought I would just continue in the same vein through the month. I had planned to review a series of immigration book around the Fourth of July, but never got to it. Now is as good a time as ever, right? After all, in October we celebrate a man who many people consider to be the first modern European immigrant.

Today's selection, coincidentally, is about another Jewish immigrant. His homeland is never specified, but the title character in Heidi Smith Hyde's Feivel's Flying Horses is a wood carver specializing in fearsome lions and ornate desks for synagogues. When he immigrates to New York, leaving his family behind, he finds work in the Lower East Side making more mundane tables and chairs. One day he finds a job making carousel horses in Coney Island. He earns enough money to send for his family.  When the elaborate and beautiful carousel is finally complete, they family is able to ride it together.

I found this to be a lovely, touching story which celebrates many things: the artistic influence immigrants have our culture, the struggles and joys they faced when they came to America, the difficulty of leaving loved ones behind, the potential rewards of hard work (not just monetary) and, of course, the pleasure of a simple carousel ride. Johanna van der Sterre's illustrations are pleasantly nostalgic but not sappy, and she gives us a fun view of old Coney Island (be sure to find the sliders). An author's note gives further historical information.

I think you'll like it.

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Big Kid says: I've never ridden a carousel at Coney Island. But we did at Prospect Park.
Little Kid says. Those are horses!


Raising a Happy Child said...

I noticed the new trend in your reviews :) We have to read some of those books!

Even in Australia said...

You know about the new carousel in brooklyn, Jane's Carousel, I'm sure. It's on my long list of things to take the kids to.

Even in Australia said...

Also, I just put a hold on this and got the Doll Shop book today!

Storied Cities said...

We haven't been to Jane's Carousel yet... soon, I hope!

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