Writer's City: How to Get Famous in Brooklyn

How to Get Famous in BrooklynI always have stacks of books to review for this blog, but sometimes one or the other gets bumped to the top because someone else has requested it from the library, putting a stop to my endless online renewal activity.  Such is the case with Amy Hest's How to Get Famous in Brooklyn. That's okay, though. It comes at a good time as one of my favorite book bloggers, Even in Australia just wrote a post about Brooklyn books.

Amy Hest's books have appeared here at Storied Cities before, and in How to Get Famous in Brooklyn, the author continues her love affair with the city. Janie, our narrator, takes us on a tour of the famous borough, where "everybody knows everybody else's business, and that's all there is to it." She points out the various colorful characters, the best places to get black-and-white cookies and describes her daily activities at school and around the neighborhood. Janie writes down all of her observations in what she calls "her spy notebook". So how does she get famous? Well, that's a secret you'll have to read the book to find out. (Or you can just cheat and take a peek at other online reviews.)

Linda Dalal Sawaya's illustrations are as colorful as Janie's observations and many places in Brooklyn are depicted, from the neighborhood streets to the docks on the waterfront. Brownstones are teals, purples and orange and streets, shops and subways are filled with animated people.

This is a longer than average picture book. The concept of spying on and writing about one's neighbors is a theme in many other children's books so the specificity of Janie's Brooklyn neighborhood should not be a barrier to one's enjoyment of the book.

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Big Kid says: What neighborhood is that?


Alex said...

I am from Brooklyn and I love it. The thing about it is that every generation makes it their own - so my Brooklyn is very different from my daughter's.
This book sounds like so much fun. Have you seen Brooklyn Pops Up? Also a fun Brooklyn book.

Megan D. Neal said...

Love the cover! This sounds like a fun book.

Even in Australia said...

Thanks for the mention! We loved Jamaica Louise James, which we read on your recommendation. I then looked into some of her other books. Remembering Mrs. Rossi was really good, but sad. This one sounds great -- and much happier.

Storied Cities said...

@Alex, Yes we do have Brooklyn Pops Up. It's good, but I'm always having to keep little hands from tearing the pages!

Even in Australia said...

Did you see that Lauren Castillo is illustrating Amy Hest's latest book?!? Two of your favorites, together!

Raising a Happy Child said...

It reminds me that I need to look beyond Baby Duck series of Amy Hest. This book sounds really interesting!

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