Duck City: Where Are You, Little Zack?

Where Are You, Little Zack?It seems like I am always writing about books set in New York City! That is not intentional, but there certainly are an abundance of them.

I'm quite surprised I have never come across Where Are You, Little Zack?before. Co-written by Judith Ross Engerle and Stephanie Gordon Tessler, Where Are You, Little Zack? is a classic tale of "lost in the city." The authors have added in a fun counting exercise, so while 3 ducks, Brick and Brack and Thackery Quack search for their brother, they are joined by 4 busy commuters, 5 taxi drivers... you get the idea. They are also joined by 80,000 Yankee fans, but don't worry, you don't have to count that high. Of course, the brothers are united in the end (after traveling on the number 9 train on the number 10 track) and all is well.

Around here, we are big fans of Brian Floca's illustrations, but I think it's interesting he does not list this book on his website. True, it's not as spectacular as his more recent books, such as Moonshot and  Ballet for Martha, but his artwork is still appealing. Even while the duck brothers are still searching, little eyes can locate Little Zack playing among the many landmarks of the city. The search also takes the reader to locations high and low, wet and dry, crowded and sparse, and fast and slow around New York. The reader will certainly understand that the city is a varied and interesting place!

This book is lots of fun, and judging by the lack of reviews on Amazon, I'm guessing it's not well-known, which I find surprising. I think it would be a lovely addition for story times both in and away from the city. Or, if you are planning a trip to the city, this would be a good introduction to the city for little ones.

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Little Kid says: Number 4 bus!


Even in Australia said...

I'm definitely going to see if our library has this one!

MaryAnne said...

I never heard of Brian Floca. I just requested all three books you mentioned from our library - thanks for the recommendation!

Raising a Happy Child said...

We really loved Moonshot - that is a great book!

We read it like this / Lo leemos así said...

Great idea for a blog, with lots of books I didn't know of! I'll be following you closely!

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