Hot City: Cool Ali

Cool AliSorry I've been gone for so long. I think my brain melted in the heat wave. It's not quite re-solidified yet, but fortunately I have a few posts already drafted.

In the city, hot Summer weather brings neighbors out onto stoops and sidewalks. In Nancy Poydar's Cool Ali, Ali uses the power of sidewalk chalk to create an oasis for her neighbors. A beach umbrella here, a puddle to cool off some toes there, even a wind to bring some much needed breeze. When rain brings relief, Ali discovers the ephemeral nature of her drawings -- and that art can be made anywhere.

I enjoyed how this book depicted the neighborhood residents as a community, enjoying a summer day. The first half of the book focuses on the immediate sidewalk where Ali and her friends gather, but a nice illustration half-way through shows the residents within the larger city. And of course, what would summer be without sidewalk chalk?

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Big Kid: I need some new Sidewalk Chalk.

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Raising a Happy Child said...

Good to see you back! This looks like a book we will enjoy reading.

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