Summer City: Around Our Way On Neighbor's Day

Around Our Way on Neighbors' Day
Yes, yes, short post, I know, but have you seen the heat index?

Tameka Fryer Brown's Around Our Way On Neighbor's Day is a summer tour around the block. Both Brown's poetry and Charlotte Riley-Webb's illustrations are high energy, taking us on a fast-paced tour of a neighborhood block in summer. Arguments in barbershops, lemonade stands, corner bodegas, outdoor art and chess, spontaneous potlucks and double dutch. These are some of the day's festive activities. Even in the evening, filled with laughter and music, the pace doesn't slow down much.

As both the author and illustrator live in the south, this is an urban neighborhood picture book, which is not inspired by New York City! How refreshing.

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Big Kid says: What is "hooping?"


Even in Australia said...

The girls and I (and my husband) just opened a lemonade stand on Sunday. Fun!

Jackie H. said...

Hey, we're reading books about/set in NYC this week... so of course I had to link back to your wonderful blog in my post today!

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