Dark City: Blackout

BlackoutThis is another book that is getting moved to the front of my review queue, partly because it is so fabulous, and partly because someone else has put it on hold from the library so I have to return it. John Rocco's Blackout is brand-new to the shelves and you may have seen it making it's rounds in internetland. In fact, it has been written about so much that there is hardly any point in my writing about it... and yet here I am.

The recent hot weather and my inability to run the a/c due to my 2 year old's opinion that playing with it buttons is a hilarious activity has reminded me of my first city blackout experience. It is also the one on which this book is based. In 2003, the huge Northeast power failure that shut down places from Ohio to New York. I remember walking home and feeling so incredibly fortunate that I was not on the subway at the time! I have an irrational fear of being trapped underground, and being stuck on the subway at such a moment would not have been good for my sanity.

While the overall "message" of the book is that families have more fun together rather than sitting separately in front of various electronic machines, the city scenes are a joy to look at. At the start of the book, the city is "loud and hot." But during the blackout, it's clear that while the city is still loud and hot, the noises are voices rather than machines, and the heat is mitigated with ice cream and fire hydrants rather than air conditioners.  One of the city details that appealed to me most was when the family went up to the rooftops to see the stars and the neighbors had a "block party in the sky." I wonder if non-city dwellers realize how much of a role the rooftops of buildings play in urban culture. I certainly didn't know before I moved to NYC.

In any case, there's no need to wait for a blackout to enjoy this book.

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Big Kid says: Let's turn off the lights.
Little Kid says: Night sky! Where's the moon?


Raising a Happy Child said...

I am sure that blackout was not as glamorous as described in the book, but I'll be looking for it.

Alex said...

I remember that blackout - the deli down the street gave out free sandwiches, people in the building were sitting outside talking to each other and it was unbearably hot. I bet this book is a real fun book about that day.
PS all the neighbors in my old Brooklyn neighborhood used to see the Coney Island fireworks every Tuesday from a rooftop and socialize with each other.

Even in Australia said...

I remember it too! I had only the week before quit a job where I worked on the 43rd floor and was so happy I was not walking down all those stairs. How could I have missed this book?

After years of talking about it, our building just opened a roofdeck this summer.

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