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Hot CityMy apologies for keeping this short, but it is simply too hot here in NYC to spend much time writing reviews.  It's not even summer yet, but  heat index of 97 tells me it's good time to read Hot City by Barbara Joosse and illustrated by R. Gregory Christie. 

Hot City is about just that: the HOT city, and where two kids might find some refuge. The descriptions of snow cones melting before you get a chance to finish them and a city bus drive-by are perfect, as is the kids' final destination: the library. Christie's illustration style is distinct; I like it's funkiness and the collage style, but apparently it is not to everyone's taste.

This books makes me long for our branch library to reopen. Our neighborhood library has been closed for renovations for over a year (I almost cried when they announced the closing!) and while we used to pop over for some cool summer fun at the library, it's hard to get motivated to walk the 25 minutes in the sweltering heat to the main branch (not to mention the uphill return hike). Early morning visits will be on our summer agenda.

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Big Kid says: Let's get ice cream.
Little Kid says: Yeah! Yeah! Ice cream!

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Even in Australia said...

Just reserved it! We are lucky - our local branch is a mere 3 blocks away. They ae still waiting to hear about the budget cuts, though...

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