Seasonal City: A Year in the City

Year in the CityThere are many, many picture books about seasonal changes, but most of them focus on seasons in the countryside, yes? Now I am happy that I can also pick up Kathy Henderson's A Year in the City, if I want to share how seasonal changes manifest themselves in the Big City.

Henderson organizes the text by month, and I liked how so many details resonated with my own experience of city living. For exampl , in January, "Nobody talks./They breathe out steam, hurry along/past the cold street birds/and down the stairs/into the subway." I laughed out loud at her acknowledgment of April's crowded supermarkets during Easter and Passover... so true! "July sweats," of course, and "October pauses," but "December glitters" when the city is crowded with holiday lights. Illustrator Paul Howard fills each page with a grand sense of how populated the city is. Except for the rooftop views that open and close the book, people -- a great variety of them -- are everywhere. Take time to peruse the illustrations, they are full of detail.

You don't have to be in the country to notice the changes of the season, and it's good to have a book which acknowledges that.

Want More?
Read a short ALA article about fostering a sense of place, with some more book suggestions.

Big Kid says: What train is that?
Little Kid says: That's a car.  [My kids' interest generally fall into traffic categories.]


Jackie H. said...

You are so right. There are so many books with changing seasons but not many showing seasons changing in the city.

Raising a Happy Child said...

This sounds like a very different book about seasons. I'll see if we can get it.

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