Wild City: When You Meet A Bear on Broadway

When You Meet a Bear on Broadway (Melanie Kroupa Books)
I might have mentioned before that there is an entire subcategory of picture books about being lost in the city. I should add "lost in the city" to the card catalog in my sidebar. Dealing with the idea of being lost and alone is not a new theme in children's literature by any means, but I can't think of any other books in which a bear is lost in New York City. If you can, please send them my way.

Amy Hest's (whose books have appeared several times on this blog already) When You Meet A Bear on Broadway hits upon another classic theme, missing one's mama. Starting out in a manner of fact manner, Hest gives instructions as to what to do if you ever come across a bear. First and foremost -- be polite (something I will certainly do if I ever meet a wild animal). After ascertaining what Little Bear's Mama is like it is important to look all over the city, especially in the park, where you can climb a high tree. Helping to reunite a wee bear with his mama will certainly remind you of the value of your own mother, so it's good to run on home afterward.

Elivia Savadier's watercolor and ink illustrations are a magical accompaniment to Hest's quirky story. She uses saturated colors to make the  girl and bear stand out against the washed out cityscape. I also like the way Savadier cleverly highlights the role of nature in the city by including prominently colored autumnal trees wherever the duo go.

Yesterday it was tigers, today it is bears, now I just need a book about lions in the city. Got any good ones?

Want More?
On her website, Elivia Savadier discusses creating the book's illustrations.
Visit Amy Hest's website.

Big Kid says: What part of Broadway are they on?
Little Kid says: Bear book again!


Raising a Happy Child said...

Well, there is Library Lion, but most of the action happens inside the library. This book made me think of a sequel to We Are Going on a Bear Hunt called A Bear's Day Out. I think your youngest will like it.

Jackie H. said...

I guess Courdoroy was in a department store in a city? That might be a stretch, though. This one sounds fun!

Even in Australia said...

There's a Shabbat-themed book about a bear lost in Brooklyn. The bubbe (grandma) keeps telling other family members who claimed to have encountered the bear "There are no bears in Brooklyn!" It's called Once Upon a Shabbos: http://www.amazon.com/Once-upon-Shabbos-Jacqueline-Jules/dp/1580130216/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1304714904&sr=1-1

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