Artistic City: A Sky Full of Kites

A Sky Full of KitesI'm actually surprised at how few books set in San Francisco I have found. That may be because the Brooklyn library doesn't stock them, but I haven't found many through other sources either.  There are some about cable cars, of course, but Osmond Molarsky and Helen Hipshman's A Sky Full of Kites features nary a cable car.

Colin loves to draw. He makes a fantastically large picture and wants to display it somewhere where everyone in the city can enjoy it. Unfortunately, it seems everyone from the firefighters to the bankers to the museum curator has an excuse. But Colin is very resourceful and settles on the one place where everyone can see his painting, day or night: the sky. Colin turns his painting into a kite. Now his art attracts the attention of the city and soon all the naysayers are clambering for a chance to display Colin's art.

Although adults will spot the message about the public's obsession with fame right away, kids might be more interested in Colin's art-turned-into-kite idea. I won't lie to you, this isn't the most well-crafted book I've read, but Hipshman's illustrations are cheerful and she has a few nice city scenes, like the predictable San Francisco row houses and the cityscape at night.

If it's available at the library you might want to take a look even if just to inspire your kids to take their own art project to the skies.

Want More?
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Learn more about the author by reading this article (mentions his friendship with Isabel Allende), his obituary, or watch an interview with Molarsky at age 98.
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Big Kid says: We should put "flying a kite" on our summer to-do list.

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Raising a Happy Child said...

This sounds very interesting. I can totally see my daughter wanting to do an art kite just so everyone can see it after this book.

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