Yummy City: Crêpes by Suzette

Crepes by SuzetteWho doesn't like crêpes? Nobody. That's who.

Monica Wellington's Crêpes by Suzette may not be the most brilliantly written book (but, they can't all be, so I'll give her a break), but it will certainly get your mouth watering. Suzette's vending cart is the vehicle (har har) by which we get a tour of Paris. Drawings of Suzette and her customers are set against photographic backdrops of various landmarks. At the bottom of each page is a collage strip of interesting objects: maps, coins, stamps, famous portraits, etc. At each stop Suzette makes a different kind of crêpe and a new French word or phrase is introduced.

We see a lot of Paris in this book and I like the way it allows us to see the city without pointing out landmarks by name and giving us obvious and touristy descriptions. Instead, the text focuses on the people, introducing us to a ballerina who needs the zesty energy of lemon crêpes, honeymooners who want their crêpes wrapped together, or the fancy lady who likes hers neatly folded.

At the back of the book there is a recipe (because after reading this book you need a crêpe), a glossary (because now you need to visit Paris), notes on the landmarks in the photos (in case you didn't recognize the Eiffel Tower) and -- most interestingly -- notes the inspiration behind each customer (the postman is based onvcan Gogh, the mother and child based on Mary Cassatt, and so forth). There is also a map with Suzette's stops located on it.

I can't say much else. I was told it was bad manners to speak with my mouth full..... of crêpes.

Want More?
If you live in NYC you can get your fix at The Crepes Truck.
Visit the author's webpage or blog.

Big Kid says: Can we make those sometime?
Little Kids says: Pancakes!

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Raising a Happy Child said...

Must... add... this book... now! Thanks for the review.

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