Mouse City: The Secret City

The Secret Circus
Only the Parisian mice know how to find a secret circus hidden deep in the city. Lucky the reader who follows the mice, step by step to their wonderful secret world and enjoy the circus festivities with the tiny creatures.

Even though we don't actually get to view much of Paris proper in Johanna Wright's The Secret Circus, I'm including it in "April in Paris" because I absolutely adore the illustrations. I won't bother writing much more since many, many reviews have already been written (see below in "Want More?") by more talented reviewers than I. Suffice it to say that in the glimpses we do get of Paris, it is easy to understand how it came by the moniker "City of Lights."

Want More?
Visit the author's website, view her artwork or read her blog. I love the look of her next book, about a common urban animal (doesn't look as though it is set in the city, however.)
Read a thorough review at Fuse #8 -- also includes lots of links to interviews and reviews.
Wright's website links to several interviews and reviews of her book.

Little Kid says: Night Sky!

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