Kosher City: Five Little Gefiltes

Five Little Gefiltes We will take a brief break from our tour of Paris to bring you a book you might enjoy this Passover.

Dave Horowitz's Five Little Gefiltes is a strange little book, but I found it highly amusing . In this Jewish deli version of "Five Little Ducklings," five little gefiltes go out one day despite their mother's "Oy Vey!" The fish balls take in a play, swim in the bay and crash a buffet, among other adventures. But, of course in the end they return to their kvelling mama proving that each is, indeed, a mensch.

New York City provides the backdrop for the shenanigans of the gefiltes and Horowitz cleverly includes Yiddish words (there is a glossary in the back) in the asides.  It's not a Passover book per se, but would be a fun to read as you for the holiday.

Want More?
This book is included in Kveller's  Top Ten New Jewish Books for Kids.
Visit the author's website.
Watch the book trailer.

Big Kid says: That was crazy.
Little Kid says: Oy Vey!


Alex said...

I laughed whe I saw this post - I was just telling a friend how much I miss the smell of the old kosher delis in NYC. The news just aren't the same, smellwise. This sounds like a very cute book - one that a New Yorker can really appreicate.

LitLass said...

I really want this book. Thanks for reminding me about it!

Raising a Happy Child said...

I like New Kid's comment. I hope he is getting over his injuries now.

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