Artistic City: Hugo & Miles in I've Painted Everything!

Hugo and Miles In I've Painted EverythingI've reviewed several books about Parisian artists, but here's one about how seeing art in Paris can be inspiring.

In Scott Magoon's Hugo & Miles in I've Painted Everything!, Hugo the elephant has painted everything in his home town. Everything. What's left to paint? Fortunately, friend Miles has the perfect suggestion: why not take a trip to Paris for inspiration? (I can't think of a better idea myself, frankly.) After seeing the city, lots of art and dabbling in cheesy puns (Hugo-mongous, Hu-glow, Van Hugo... you get the idea), Hugo is inspired. He rushes home to Cornville (after reading the puns, this name is painfully appropriate.), where he can "paint everything all over again, only differently." Now that he can paint everything from various angles, in various color media, in various sizes... he'll never run out of ideas.

If you are looking for a children's book about artistic expression Hugo & Miles in I've Painted Everything! is pretty good fun. It presents the ideas in an entertaining and accessible format without becoming remotely esoteric. Hugo and Miles journey around the city looking for inspiration will be familiar to many of us looking for artistic genius to strike. If only we could all go to Paris to do so.

Thanks to Brimful Curiosities for suggesting this book.

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Big Kid says: Let's do some drawing, now.


Raising a Happy Child said...

OK, this sounds very interesting. Anna is so recognizing Paris now after reading some of the selections from your list :)

Tanya said...

I LOVE this book and have been reading it over and over at story time (I work in the kid's department at a bookstore.) I also LOVE the concept of your blog!!! I just signed on as a follower. Thanks for linking to my review of "The Family Under the Bridge."

Christy said...

We own this book and actually just used it for inspiration in creating art!

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