Robot City: Oh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World)

It might be fair to say that most kids, in their free play, have invented stories about robots or monsters that have gotten out of control. Perhaps they have gone on rampages and destroyed Lego towns or block cities. In the thoroughly engaging Oh No!: Or How My Science Project Destroyed the WorldOh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World), Mac Barnett and Dan Santat illustrate this imaginary world.

The young protagonist has built a robot for the science fair, which is on a rampage, destroying buildings and terrorizing citizens in its wake. Our genius scientist chases it all over the city, but finally decides the only solution is to invent a new, better, bigger, more powerful creature. Our heroine's plan is successful... maybe even too successful.

What I love: the genius protagonist is a girl (and her awesome glasses), the city is a hodgepodge of Western and Japanese elements, the imagery invokes Japanese B horror movies (right down to the vertical white lines of the "film"), the subtle humor, the retro graphic novel quality to the layout and the fun robot blueprint end pages.

After you read this with your kids, you might want to protect those Lego cities, because some serious imaginative play is going to take place.

Want More? 
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Big Kid says: Cool!
Little Kid says: Toad!


LitLass said...

I really want this one. My library doesn't have it--I guess I'll just have to buy it.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I am afraid we will not be able to move past the title on this one :)

Brimful Curiosities said...

The geek in me really loved this one. Reviewed it last year. Surprisingly popular with both the kindergartener and toddler. Both love mass destruction.

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