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StableI admit it: I just don't like horses. I should, I know. But I don't. After reading Ted Lewin's Stable, even I started to think maybe I'm missing out. Certainly my kids do like to watch the horses who occasionally trot through Prospect Park. maybe there is something to this horse thing. If your child loves horses (and most do!) I recommend you pick up a copy of this book.

Lewin tells the story of horses in the city in a very straightforward manner. He begins by showing us in black and white illustrations what the role of horses was in times past. Fast forwarding to the present (and color), he takes us on a tour of Kensington Stables in Brooklyn, introducing us to horses named Spin Doctor and S'mores. The focus is on the relationship of the children to the horses -- some come by for pony rides, others for lessons and there is even a therapeutic riding program for special needs children. Lewin also introduces us to the various people who keep the stable running, from the farrier to the owner. The story ending is a bit melancholy, suggesting that the stable will soon be torn down.... but it's still there.

As always, Ted Lewin's illustrations shine and on the end pages are the names and illustrations of all the Kensington Stables horses.

Will I become a horse lover? I doubt it, but my kids and I certainly enjoyed this book.

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Big Kid says: It would be fun to go see those horses.
Little Kid says: Horse in the park!

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Raising a Happy Child said...

I admit that I don't care for horses either. I'd rather ride a camel :)

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