Feline City: Jenny and the Cat Club

Jenny and the Cat Club: A Collection of Favorite Stories about Jenny Linsky (New York Review Children's Collection)Jenny's Moonlight Adventure (New York Review Children's Collection, a Jenny's Cat Club Book)The Hotel Cat (New York Review Children's Collection)Captains of the City Streets (New York Review Children's Collection)
Around here Ester Averill's Jenny and the Cat Club books have been providing some great pre-bedtime reading. Even if you're not familiar with the frisky black feline Jenny Linsky, who lives in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, you may have heard of Averill's easy reader, The Fire Cat, which features Jenny's friend, Pickles.

There are a number of Jenny Linsky books which have been re-released in beautiful hard-cover editions by the New York Review of Books. We haven't read them all yet but they feature a friendly gang of cats who roam around their city neighborhood. In some ways I imagine the cats are substitutes for children. What I mean is that these could easily be stories about children having secret adventures around the city out of the way of their parents' watchful eyes. Like gaggles of socializing children, the cats all have distinctive personalities which play out during the stories.  Jenny is the shy one, Madam Butterfly is the beautiful artistic Persian who plays the nose flute. Of course there is also the leader, Mr. President, the wise old Solomon and there are the the playful twins, Romulus and Remus, among many others.  

It makes me wonder what our cat would get up to, were he to go outside.... or does he?

The School for Cats (New York Review Children's Collection)Want More?
Great review in The Guardian.
Photo and Bio of Esther Averill.
Look at some of the full color illustrations for Jenny's Birthday Book at google books.

Big Kid says: I liked when Jenny climbed the wisteria.


Alex said...

These Jenny the cat books look really good. I never heard of them and will have to check them out.

Even in Australia said...

We love Jenny! They are adorable. My 5yo loved figuring out that the introduction, which says Jenny related the stories in "meow" and they are all true was itself fiction.

Raising a Happy Child said...

This sounds pretty good - we love cat stories here.

Mrs. N said...

These Jenny books are fabulous. I'd liked them as a child, and then when I was teaching a reluctant reader in my third grade class I ended up finding them. She was enthralled! They're often a fabulous break from the animal series books that numb my brain (puppy place anyone?), it's wonderful that they are still beloved and it's great that you're sharing Jenny with the greater world. The reissues look beautiful.

Ellen said...

the boys love jenny. i'm not even sure which they've read, since M's the one who read them (i'm pretty sure school for cats). but i know they're a hit.

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