Dog City: Detective LaRue, Letters from the Investigation

Detective LaRue: Letters from the InvestigationI was quite amused by this dog-becomes-detective book. The story is conveyed entirely through letters and newspaper articles which is a change of pace from traditional picture book writing and offers a new listening experience. That must be good for brain stretching or something, right?

In any case, Mark Teague has written and illustrated Detective LaRue: Letters from the Investigation, the second book about a dog who writes letters to his owner, Mrs. LaRue. When two cats go missing, Ike LaRue becomes the prime suspect. He escapes custody in order to prove his innocence and, of course, solves the case. While on the lam, Ike must visit several city locations. He prowls through parks, searches seedy alleys, explores fancy hotels and finally saves the day on an apartment fire escape.

Well.... it is possible that Ike is using his imagination just a bit much....  black and white illlustrions depict the shadowy, oh-so-dangerous world of LaRue as a high crime detective, but the real story of LaRue's easy, high living life is revealed in color.

A fun book for dog lovers, detective lovers and you.

Want More?
Read a better written review and see some of the artwork at Gathering Books.
Read Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School, Letters from the Campaign Trail: LaRue for Mayor, LaRue Across America.
Watch the trailer (is it me, or are trailers for books weird?) for LaRue Across America, which was released this month.

Big Kid says: What does "custody" mean?


Alex said...

This sounds like a really cute story. It amazes me how many "city" stories are out there for kids. You do a great job.

gatheringbooks said...

Hi there.
Thanks for including a link to our review of this book. :)

Raising a Happy Child said...

I like Mark Teague illustrations, so the series sound intriguing, especially this new LaRue Across America book.

Brimful Curiosities said...

Ike does have a way of overdramatizing his situation. His grasp of words is refreshing though.

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