Poetic City: City I Love

City I LoveCity I Love is a collection of short poems by Lee Bennett Hopkins about -- you guessed it -- the city. My two year old loves, loves, loves this book, which I find slightly odd since it's not really a book I would think of for two year olds. However, that says something about the aural appeal of this collection. The poems are all in free verse and describe various city experiences, like catching a taxi on a rain day, people watching on the subway, driving over a strong, elegant bridge, pigeons on rooftops, blazing lights in the nights and watching skyscrapers being built.

I was quite impressed with Hopkins' ability to distill each city experience into such clear and vivid pictures. They beg to be read aloud. Take the poem, "Snow City":

Snow glides quietly
Filling the air
                 with a magical
         hush --
But tomorrow the snow
        will make everyone frown
For streets will be filled
       with a magical
      M U S H.

While reading "City Summer", I started to feel just like I do on a hot, sultry summer day, "It is so hot./So hot./So very hot..."

I love that the collection of poems do not focus on a single city -- in fact none are city specific. The illustrations take us on a trip around the world with a backpacking dog and his bird companion. Each poem's illustrations (by Marcellus Hall) transports us to a new city and the endpapers are a map so little readers can locate the various cities in the world.

Pick up a copy and read it aloud, kids from the city will be reminded of home and kids in the country will want to visit. 

Want more?
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Big Kid says: I like the subway poem.
Little Kid says: City book, please!


Marta said...

I like the Snow City poem! Too difficult for my son right now but I think he'll love this book in a few years! Thanks for the tip,

Alex said...

Reading your review, I realized I like snow in poetry more than I the real thing these days. I can see why your son might like this book though.
Also, always write what you think, even if someone has already done a review. Not everyone reads the same blogs.

Even in Australia said...

Funny, I just bought this book about a week ago. It was on the bargain shelf at my local store. I don't think I would have bought it at full price.

Raising a Happy Child said...

This is another one I will be looking for. Sounds like something daughter might like. This week we read The Drum City, and I liked it. Anna was not so interested - I think your youngest might appreciate it.

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