Blizzard City: The Snow Walker

The Snow Walker (On My Own History)Mom says,
Margaret K. and Charles M. Wetterer's easy reader The Snow Walker is a much more successful story about the 1888 Blizzard than City of Snow, which I reviewed yesterdayThe Snow Walker, instead of taking an overall view of the city in the throes of a blizzard, follows the story of 12 year old Bronx resident, Milton Daub.

The enterprising young Milton becomes a local hero when he cleverly fashions a pair of snowshoes to walk over to the corner store to fetch some milk for his family. The snow is so high that the shopkeeper hands him the milk though the second story window. On the way home, Milton's neighbors ask him for help and supplies. I read this book myself before giving it to my oldest son to read on his own and I must confess that I was a little worried for Milton's safety! The Wetterer's certainly captured the sense of danger of being out in such horrendous weather conditions!

I also liked that the story celebrated the independent courage and spirit of a 12 year old taking the initiative to help his family and neighbors despite the danger to himself.  It shows the way a single city neighborhood can become a close knit community, helping and relying on each other. Neighborliness is not just for the country folks!

The book includes author's notes before and after the story. It would make a good read aloud, although it is marketed as an easy reader.

The Snowshoeing Adventure of Milton Daub, Blizzard Trekker (History's Kid Heroes)Want More?
See yesterday's post for more Blizzard of '88 resources.
Oddly, this book has been adapted into a graphic novel! The Snowshoeing Adventures of Milton Daub, Blizzard Trekker.
The Schoolchildren's Blizzard. Another On My Own History book, about a Blizzard in January 1888 in Nebraska. It would be interesting to read the books side by side and compare the experiences of the children. (ALSO made into a graphic novel!!)

Big Kid: I want some snowshoes.


Lindsay N. Currie said...

Okay, if we can get out of the house today (we're under two feet of snow) then we are so going to the library and picking out some snow books like this one!!! How fun would that be? An afternoon of cuddling up with the kids, drinking hot chocolate and reading books about cities under snow?

Raising a Happy Child said...

The Snow Walker sounds pretty interesting, and it's amusing that it was converted into a graphic novel too.

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