Snowy City: Flying Over Brooklyn

Flying over BrooklynMom says:
Here in NY we have had one of the snowiest Januaries ever. Some folks are tired of the snow. I adore it.  It was on December 26, 1947 that Brooklyn received nearly 26 inches of snow in twelve hours, the heaviest snowfall in that borough's history.  Myron Uhlberg's Flying Over Brooklyn was inspired by his memories of this white winter wonderland as a boy. Even though I still love snow as an adult I have to admit that no one finds more joy in a new snowfall than a child.

When the narrator is picked up by a gust of wind he goes on a fantastical journey over Brooklyn, taking in the landmarks and experiencing the snow with all of his senses. Brooklyn natives will revel in the home-town references, but a knowledge of the borough is not necessary to enjoy the journey, just a love of snow.

The blue-white glow of snow is marvelously captured in the oil paint illustrations by Gerald Fitzgerald (who lives, of all places, on the Isle of Arran!) and the joy on the face of the boy (and the Steeplechase Man) is enough to make anyone smile.

Well, me at least.

Big Kid says: I love snow.

Well said.


Lindsay N. Currie said...

This is such a timely post. We are expecting a blizzard in Chicago this week, dumping 12-22 inches of snow across the city. Holy cow. Maybe we should hit the library and rent this for when we're snowed in:0

Raising a Happy Child said...

I have mixed feeling about snowfall. I like the "idea" of it but not the reality especially since I totaled my car on the new icy snow. But you have the best books to accompany the snowy wonderland that most of the country is experiencing right now.

Even in Australia said...

Another to add to my library requests!

mouseprints said...

Snow here in Tennessee is a big deal. It only snows a few times during winter. Everything shuts down because we are just not equipped to deal with it. Its rarity makes it all the more magical for the kids around here. Although I have to say that my girls are wimps. They'll go out the first time it snows and have a grand old time, whooping it up, making snowgirls, snow angels, snow balls. And then they're done. If it snows again at a later date, their response is "Meh, done that. I'll just watch it, thanks."
We'll have to put this on our library queque so they can "experience" snow elsewhere. (And stay warm and dry at the same time!)

mouseprints said...

That's what I get for trying to type while being distracted by littles. It should read "queue". And I should have qualified that we live in west Tennessee. ;)

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