Peaceful City: At Night

At NightMom says:
A physically small book with a big-hearted story, At Night by Jonathan Bean is about a girl who can't sleep. Instead, she takes her pillows and goes up to her rooftop garden to enjoy the cool night air where she can imagine herself in the wide world and relax. It is a bit of an urban camping trip. What I love: the lovely watercolor artwork starts local, focusing up close on the girl and her journey up to the rooftop, then expands out to the wider landscape of the city and the water and bridges and lights. It is a lovely representation of the rooftop world of the city, which can be a refreshing, green haven in the summer for those who live in apartments. I also love the way the girl's mom follows her up to the top to watch over her without the girl ever knowing.

On the cover you can see the iconic Brooklyn water tower; the city is New York, but the experience could happen anywhere.

A peaceful bedtime book.

Big Kid says: Why can't we go onto our roof?
Little Kid says: Night sky!


Even in Australia said...

I'm putting this on my library list!

Alex said...

This looks like a great city book and as you say a peaceful bedtime story. And I know just the right child for this book.

Raising a Happy Child said...

This looks great! I think Big Kid asks a legitimate question :)

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