Walking City: Madlenka

MadlenkaMom says:
Madlenka arrived at the library for me yesterday and I loved it so much, I bumped off the post I had been planning to write so pardon my hastily written review. Peter Sis (whose Firetruck is not to be missed) has written and illustrated a delightful story. Madlenka looses her tooth and takes a trip around the world to tell all her friends: Mr. Ciao from Italy who gives her gelato, Ms. Grimm from Germany who tells her stories, Eduardo from Latin America..... and more. However, her trip around the world is actually a trip around a single New York City block full of vibrant immigrant neighbors. To complete her trip, Madlenka and a friend visit imaginary worlds in the courtyard of their building.

I love the die cut pages offering up views into each of the different worlds which are interspersed with views of Madlenka's block as she makes her progress. Sis' exquisite and detailed line drawings represent the magical reminisces of the immigrants and I especially enjoyed what I call his "reverse aerial perspective" of the city block.

You can see an animated excerpt from the book here.

Big Kid says: I love this book!


Brimful Curiosities said...

This one is on my list already. Waiting for an area library to obtain a copy so I can see it. Now, I'm really curious after reading your review.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Sounds very interesting - I already requested it. Can't wait to read it now!

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