Snowy City: The Snowflake Sisters

The Snowflake SistersMom says:
Hitching a ride on Santa's sleigh, two siblings in J. Patrick Lewis' The Snowflake Sisters abandon the 'burbs for the glory and beauty of Manhattan. Demonstrating the excellent taste you have come to expect from snowflakes, they choose to settle in Central Park, alighting on a snowman where they settle in to pass the rest of the winter.

Personally, I love scrap paper collage because there is always something fun to discover in the bits of paper used. Is that the library lion? Are those marathoners in the window? A subway map on the skyscraper? Cleverly, Times Square is made of paper adverts. Lisa Desimini's use of collage nicely contrasts the business and movement of urban landscapes with those in less densely populated environments.

Big Kid says: I can't WAIT for snow!

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Raising a Happy Child said...

Ooh - this sounds like a great book - I am adding it to my Evernote!

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