Snowy City: Anna's Wish

Anna's WishMom says:
I am an unapologetic fan of snow. And so is Anna.

In Bruno Hachler's Anna's Wish, Anna's city has not seen snow for years. Patiently, the inhabitants prepare for snow activities each year, but each year the snow fails to fall. Anna loves to hear her mother describe the snow she herself has never seen, until one year when Anna makes a wish and... you can guess what happens next! I love the sweet illustrations -- set in a European city where people live above and next to bakeries and ancient and modern architecture blend together in the skyline (it was originally published in Switzerland).

For anyone who appreciates the beauty of a first snowfall, this is the book to read.

Big Kid says: We need snow, NOW!


Raising a Happy Child said...

A story set in a European city? With my daughter's name in the title? Definitely worth checking out!

Brimful Curiosities said...

I love snow stories, too. Thanks for the introduction to this one.

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