Nurturing City: How to Heal a Broken Wing

How to Heal a Broken WingMom says:
A while ago, this book made it's rounds on the kid lit blogs since it won the Cyblis award for picture books. When I checked it out I found it was also a great urban picture book. How to Heal a Broken Wing by Australian author Bob Graham is a lovely book about a boy who finds an injured pigeon on a crowded and anonymous city street. The pigeon tumbles to the ground after mistaking the reflection of a shiny skyscraper for the sky. The young boy and his mom takes the bird home, where he and his parents carefully nurture it back to health, eventually setting it free. The story is told primarily in pictures in a film strip style layout. I especially love how the story demonstrates that individual actions in the city can make all the difference.

Big Kid says: That boy was so nice to the bird. I like pigeons.
Little Kid says: Bird!

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Activity/Lesson plan ideas (scroll down to click on left hand side image for the pdf)

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Raising a Happy Child said...

I think Anna will like it - thanks!

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