Musical City: The 39 Apartments of Ludwig van Beethoven

The 39 Apartments of Ludwig Van BeethovenMom says:
I laughed pretty hard when I read this book. Described on the book jacket as "a hilarious mockumentary," Jonah Winter's The 39 Apartments of Ludwig van Beethoven could not present a more accurate picture of the perils of living in noisy apartment buildings. Winter, and illustrator Barry Blitt, use the opinions of neighbors, movers and landlords as well as physical evidence found at the scenes to document the trials, tribulations and logistics of moving 6 leg-less pianos for a mad genius from basement apartment to attic to parlor apartment to a stylish "loft-like" apartment. I especially love all the little details, like pounding on ceilings, barking dogs and crying babies -- details that are not lost on this urban dweller. This book would be a great accompaniment for an introduction to the composer.

I am quite glad that my upstairs and downstairs neighbors both have children so that I need feel no guilt about my sons' raucous behavior. We put up with them, they put up with us. No doubt Beethoven's neighbors put up with a lot more!

Big Kid says: That is crazy!


MaryAnne said...

I have to find this book! Beethoven would have been QUITE the neighbor! I remember listening to a book on tape as a kid that was called "Beethoven Lives Upstairs" - and loving it.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Fascinating - I will have to look for this book.

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