Jazzy City: Cool Daddy Rat

Cool Daddy RatMom says:
Another favorite jazz-themed book, peppered throughout with loads of scat and a bit of daddy love, is Kristyn Crow's Cool Daddy Rat, a tale of a Daddy Rat musician who heads to New York and finds his son has stowed away in his bass case. The son, following his dad around the city to various gigs, including one on a "schmooze cruise," finally demonstrates his own talents as a singer of scat. My sons  love to "wowie!" and "pow!" and "Doooooby Zoooooby Zat Zat!" along with the text, something they never do with Dr. Seuss.

Big Kid says:  Zip, zip zat!
Little Kid says: Zat!

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Christy said...

We have read this book. It's a good one.

It's amazing how many books are set in NYC. We are reading Stuart Little right now - set in NYC.

Happy New Year!

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