Jazzy City: Be Bop Express

Bebop Express
Mom says:
Had enough of Dr. Seuss? It's blasphemous, I know, but if you find Seuss'  language as tiresome as I do, A great alternative is the funky, dynamic rhythm of jazz and be bop themed children's books. There is a lot of great kid lit out there with a jazzy theme and it just so happens that many of them are also great Urban Picture Books. Bebop Express by H.L. Panahi has another bonus: a train theme! Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher's clever illustrations reflect the jazzy rhythm of the text as the train travels from New York to New Orleans, passing through other jazz cities such as Chicago and Philly. At each stop the "jazziest train from the east to the west" picks up another instrument-playing passenger and when it reaches its final destination a full band has been formed which entertains people be-bopping in the street.

Big Kid says: That is a cool train!
Little Kid says: Train!

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Raising a Happy Child said...

I am curious - how did you introduce jazz to kids in the first place? The book sounds interesting, but I don't think daughter will "get" it, since she doesn't know what jazz is.

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