Festive City: Melrose and Croc A Christmas to Remember

Melrose and Croc A Christmas to RememberMom says:
I find the city backdrop in this book a tad odd: the buildings look Parisian, the park ice skating rink reminds me of NYC, a long boulevard runs alongside a body of water (A river? A sea? It is unclear.), it is snowing, yet there are palm trees.  This mish-mash of reality doesn't bother me, actually. After all, it is a book about an anthropomorphous dog and crocodile in a city full of people. The croc is cold enough to need a scarf, but not so cold that he needs clothes. Realism clearly isn't important.

Melrose and Croc: A Christmas to Remember is a cute story of two fellows who, because of a chance meeting on ice, end up the best of friends. Each was expecting to spend the holiday feeling lonely in the big city, but instead they enjoy the festivities of the season together. Personally I felt the story didn't flow as well as it could, but my eldest son really, really liked this book and I did really like the charming illustrations. There are other Melrose and Croc books that we will have to take a look at.

Big Kid says: Read it again, please.

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Raising a Happy Child said...

It's funny how sometimes kids latch on to books we don't care much about. It happened here too. Illustrations do look interesting though.

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