Festive City: Little Tree

Little TreeMom says:
Buying a Christmas Tree in the city is a much different experience than in the country. We don't head out to the farm with a saw, or even to a large lot. Instead, there are small vendors dotting the sidewalk. For the past few Christmases, we could literally walk across the street for our tree (although we like the vendor at the farmer's market)!

I was delighted to discover Chris Raschka's Little Tree. Based on a poem by e.e. cummings, Raschka's book follows the journey of a Christmas tree from forest to sidewalk to apartment. Along the way, the little tree rides a train, a taxi and an elevator, all the way followed by a very special guardian (you'll have to read it to find out!). Raschka is a master of melodic storytelling and this book is no exception. I have long been a fan of Raschka's art and his illustrations deserve a long look. The geometric design is charmingly reminiscent of stained glass and reflects the patchwork experience of forest and city alike.

Big Kid says: When are we getting our Christmas Tree?


Raising a Happy Child said...

OK, you and Christy at Superheroes and Princesses convinced me - I am going to give this book another look. Maybe we will like it more this year.

Dana said...

I love this book! Bu I had a hard time buying it--only found a used board book format. This book is wonderful and deserves a reprinting!

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