Feathered City: Fly High, Fly Low

Fly High, Fly Low (50th Anniversary ed.)Mom says:
That quintessential urban bird, the pigeon remains an under appreciated fellow (though perhaps raised to new heights by Mo Willems). After reading Don Freeman's Fly High, Fly Low, you may have a new found respect for the resilience and persistence of the creature.

Two pigeons, separated in the city, are determined to find each other and protect their growing family. Fly High, Fly Low is as much a love story about two pigeons as it is a loving tribute to San Francisco, its people and the letter "B". Freeman's primary-color pencil illustrations of one of my favorite cities and its inhabitants both fair and fowl (I'm sorry, but how could I resist?) earned him a Caldecott Honor Medal. As a bonus, this book contains the best description I have ever read of the intense San Francisco fog. Truthfully, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book and how often my son has requested it. It's nice to rediscover a classic.

Big Kid says: Can we drive over the Golden Gate Bridge sometime?

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Raising a Happy Child said...

This definitely goes on my reading list! Thanks!

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