Diverse City: Subway Sparrow

The Subway Sparrow (Sunburst Book)Mom says:
Subway Sparrow by Leyla Torres is a book to read before getting on the train. On the D train several passengers work together in order to rescue a bird trapped in a subway car. What makes this book special is that the passengers demonstrate our innate cooperative spirit and compassionate nature despite differences in age, gender and ethnicity. The text is written in English, Spanish and Polish but that does not inhibit our understanding of the story or the characters' understanding of each other. I love that my son is growing up in arguably the most culturally diverse city in the world, and this book is a nice testament to the positive effects of cross-cultural communication.

Plus, it has the D train.

Big Kid says:  The D train!!!!
Little Kid says: D!!


Christy said...

That sounds like a good book!

We have been reading the Auntie Claus books and they make me think of you because they are set in NYC!

Raising a Happy Child said...

I took the D train so many times - thanks for the memories :)

Susan T. said...

Oooh, this sounds good. Have you read The True Story of Stellina, by Matteo Pericoli (Knopf, 2006)? A good NYC bird story.

Storied Cities said...

No, I haven't read that, I will look it up. Thanks for the tip.

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