Crowded City: One Monday Morning

One Monday MorningMom says:
Uri Shulevitz's One Monday Morning was one of my accidental finds in the library. Starting one Monday morning, a boy begins of week of daily adventure in the city. He visits the usual urban haunts: the laundromat, a bus stop in the rain, the grocery store pushing his "granny cart." (We have one of those! They're essential for shopping when you don't have a car.) While he is out, royalty tries to visit him at his apartment. As this happens to us quite frequently, I could so relate. The royal entourage grows larger and larger each day until finally, on Sunday, they all meet up for a game of cards. Kids will like the repetitive nature of the text which builds to a surprising and pictorial ending. Shulevitz's pictures and use of color are wonderful to look at. It's not for nothing that he won the Caldecott for another great book.

Big Kid says:  Whoa! That's a lot of people.
Little Kid says: Again!


Raising a Happy Child said...

Great find - I have to look for this book.

readalouddad.com said...

Thanks for sharing this accidental find! I never heard of this book and now you have me converted - I must find it.

By the way, your concept for Storied Cities is adorable.

Love the frequent and succinct reviews.


Read Aloud Dad

P.S. Thanks for including me in your Suggested Reading section. Much appreciated!

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