Sleepy City: Night Cars

Night CarsMom says:
Every apartment-dwelling parent knows the tribulations of getting a child to sleep with only a pane of glass separating peaceful slumber from the exciting city. On the other hand, no need to tip-toe when at any moment a firetruck siren could go roaring by!

How Teddy Jam's Night Cars is able to invoke both sleepiness and the hustle and bustle of nighttime traffic is nothing short of magical. After reading so much of the easy, simple poetry that graces the pages of many toddler books, I was at first I was thrown off by Teddy Jam's more subtle rhyme and rhythm. When I started reading it more slowly the graceful cadence came through. Eric Beddows' beautiful illustrations have a slightly old-fashioned feel and make you feel just like you are looking out the window, too.

Something else I appreciated: Dad was in charge of the nighttime routine and took baby out for breakfast. That is one lucky mom!

Little Kid says: Night, night, baby! [He then carried the book around with him for the rest of the evening demanding, "Read a book!"]

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