Jammed City: Little Blue Truck Leads the Way

Little Blue Truck Leads the WayMom says:
In Alice Schertle's  Little Blue Truck Leads the Way the eponymous character makes his way through the big city. Along the way he meets all sorts of city vehicles from street sweepers to taxis to the mayor's limousine. Much to the truck's chagrin he discovers that city vehicles can be a bit pushy (how very, very realistic!) but the Little Blue Truck's suggestion that everyone follow good manners wins them over (dare to dream!), especially when the mayor gets on board -- literally. The Little Blue Truck becomes the hero of the day by untangling a traffic jam with his kind and gentle demeanor. He leaves the city a kinder, gentler place (no guarantee it will stay that way, however).

What I love most about this book is all the different perspectives of the city that the illustrator gives us. Although I am not sure about the symbolism of the skunks crossing the road at the city limits (are cities stinky?), Jill McElmurry's illustrations provide a wonderful vision of tall buildings, speeding cars and jam-packed sidewalks. We get to see things up close, from far way, from overhead, from underneath, from across the street, from in the street.... you get the idea. This is a great book for both the lover of the city and the lover of all things with wheels -- basically my two boys.

Big Kid says: Look Mom! It says there is a book called Little Blue Truck. Can we read that one, too?
Little Kid says: Beep! Beep!

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