Hungry City: Two Eggs, Please

Two eggs, please.Mom says:
Set against a pre-dawn backdrop of skyscraper lights and taxicabs, a menagerie of colorful characters file into a diner to order "Two Eggs, Please." The catch? Everyone wants their eggs fixed a different way (moms all over the world will relate). Sarah Weeks' deceptively simple text and wonderful pictures by one of my favorite illustrators, Betsy Lewin, deliver the important message that while things may look different on the outside, a closer inspection will reveal crucial similarities. This is a nice book to grow with a child. Younger children may miss the diversity message but will enjoy the variety of characters and their egg orders, older children will benefit from further discussion about other things besides eggs that may seem "different... but the same."

Big Kid says: Can we have eggs for dinner?
Little Kid says: Egg! Egg!

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