Furry City: Park Pals Adventures

PeeWee's Tale (Park Pals Adventure)Mom says:
The Park Pals Adventurse series is another set of great read-aloud chapter books by Johanna Hurwitz. The series begins with PeeWee's Tale, about a guinea pig set loose in Central Park by the rodent-phobic parents of his boy-owner. PeeWee befriends a squirrel by the name of Lexi -- as in Lexington Avenue. Hey, if I was mom to dozens of children I'd name them after streets, too. Together, PeeWee and Lexi take action against city plans to cut down the trees Lexi calls home.  Book-smart PeeWee and Street-Smart Lexi make an amusing pair and kids will enjoy seeing city parks through the eyes of their inhabitants. There are also some nice (and subtle) lessons about the value of friendship and reading!

PeeWee & PlushAlso in the series: PeeWee and Plush (aka PeeWee starts a Family),  Lexi's Tale, and Squirrel World.

Big Kid says: Can I have a guinea pig?
Mom says: No!

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