Furry City: Beaver is Lost

Beaver Is LostMom says:
There is a significant sub-genre of urban picture books which feature an outsider getting lost in a vast, anonymous city.  In this book, our outsider is the busy beaver.

A beaver, whose ancestors once inhabited the land now occupied by our Northern cities (this one is inspired by Chicago), is lost. Having ridden too far downstream on a log, he finds himself among the city's more domesticated wildlife: a dog here and there, an inflatable alligator, a swan boat and his zoo-bound cousins. Winding his way through the city, he explores the city's varied water features, searching, no doubt for his beloved river.  Finally, with the help of the city's most populous rodent (can you guess?) he finds he way back to the river, and back to where you can see the stars at night.

Elisha Cooper's Beaver is Lost is told almost exclusively through his gentle and detailed watercolors which capture the beaver's curiosity at his new surroundings and his joy when he finds his way home.

Personally, I love wordless (this book has four words) picture books because they afford the opportunity for parents to encourage children in their verbal storytelling skills.

Big Kid says: Where can we go to see a beaver?
Little Kid says: Meow!
Mom says: Actually, sweetie, that's a beaver.


MaryAnne said...

Your new blog looks great! I'm a big fan of wordless picture books, also.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I wish I knew about this book when we were reading about beavers.

Anonymous said...

Very excited to find this site, and learn about some books that take place in our city!

One question -- there's a beaver that lives near our home in Chicago, in North Pond in Lincoln Park, in the middle of a pretty urban area. The kids have seen it, and are excited about the beaver. Would that make this book confusing?

Storied Cities said...

I don't think that would make the book confusing at all! How much fun to talk about how some beavers might like living in the city, and how the city used to be wilderness where many beavers lived.

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