Feathered City: Make Way For Ducklings

Make Way for Ducklings (Viking Kestrel picture books)Mom says:
Here's a book you might never have thought of as being an Urban Picture Book: the Robert McCloskey classic Make Way for Ducklings. As I was reading it to my son for, oh... the 414th time, it dawned on me how relevant this book is to his view of wildlife in the city. Of course we see tons of ducks in the parks, but we also see families of ducklings every Spring! We love to watch them, but where do Urban Duck Families live? What do they make of the cars and trucks and people they encounter? How do they maneuver around the city? Most of the animal books we read to our children are about animals in farms or forests (saving Curious George, of course; maybe that is why he is so appealing.) but millions of children in large cities encounter wildlife in the city -- and not just in zoos -- and it's great to have books that reflect that.

So many reasons to love Robert McCloskey.

Big Kids says: Can we go feed the ducks, tomorrow?
Little Kid says: Quack!

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